Hire a Builder

Hire a Builder

Important Things to Consider When Hiring a Builder

Renovation, construction and demolition projects often require a vast array of planning and although many Australians opt to undertake the projects themselves, just as many consider hiring a builder instead. From applying for planning permission all the way to preparing an area for construction or renovation, the tasks involved can be very challenging if not done properly.

If you are considering hiring a construction company, then there are a few important factors to consider before moving your project forward.

Is the builder licensed?

Australian law dictates that any contractor offering their construction and development services should possess the relevant licensing. Without a license, any work done won’t be insured and the client won’t be protected should the project go awry. Always ask to see an up to date license and only agree to any proposed terms if all documentation is valid.

Check the agencies’ portfolio

The best way to get to grips with the quality and potential of a building company, is by taking a closer look at their portfolio. Whether it is digital or physical – it should demonstrate previous work that the agency has undertaken, as well as feedback (provided by previous clients). If all looks satisfactory then it may be worth discussing your project further with your potential provider.

Review credentials

Not all organisations will offer feedback examples within their portfolio and when this is the case, it’s a good idea to take matters into your own hands. Take a look at your potential service provider’s website, third party review sites and other mediums that can offer first-hand reviews. These pieces of information can help when it comes to identifying whether or not the provider will be a good choice – and an honest firm will be as transparent as possible when it comes to sharing the experiences of previous clientele.

There’s no harm in approaching several agencies simultaneously, with the intention of requesting free evaluations and no obligation quotes. This early introduction is a great method of getting to know a little more about a possible service, which will definitely help when it comes to making a decision on the right builder for your needs.